This was even better than my experience out in Peru. It was just so loving and beautiful. Lots of insights and wisdom, and I felt completely cleared of all the stress that has been weighing me down for the past few years.

The music and the food were great. My guides took really good care of me. I’m glad I did a private session in Holland with them first and look forward to eventually doing a 6-Day group retreat. This medicine has really changed my life. It is an extraordinary experience, one that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Derek Hadley, England

I had some fears around taking Ayahuasca as I’ve never experienced an altered state before (except from say dancing, meditation, jogging, coffee … and chocolate!). My guides really made me feel relaxed and were really supportive and encouraging when it got a bit rough with all the purging. I had eaten a little later in the day when I knew I shouldn’t have so I was really a bit naughty by not following what was suggested.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I’m really grateful to the guides.

The food was excellent, the music seemed perfect for my mood and also seemed to encourage the visions. At the end of it I just felt fantastic. In fact, I still do. I’ll be coming again to Europe in the not too distant future to do a weekend circle or vision quest.

Francis, Liverpool, U.K.

Thankyou for the lovely night with the Mother Medicine. I kind of knew what to expect because I’ve experimented with mushrooms in my youth. I had forgotten what this could be like and was blown away. This was amazing and I feel like I’ve completely overcome some difficult emotions in my life and come to accept and love who I am as a human being. It was a beautiful venue not far from the city. Apart from the beautiful visions it was really nice to be able to enjoy some nature too.

Kendrick Meyers, Germany

Ayahuasca is an ocean of love that you almost drown in. I was very clear with my intentions, that I wanted to lose weight and stop binge eating and it seems that magically I no longer feel like eating junk food and drinking too much. My mind feels much lighter in spirit. It’s like I’ve shaken off years of crap with my family and my boss. It’s really like being reborn. This has to be one of the best things I have ever, ever done in my life, so I would like to thank the shaman guides for making it all possible and in my home country too.


This was my 6th voyage with Ayahuasca and it’s been the best one yet. It was a really warm and loving experience this time. So, I am very pleased for once! It taught me a lot of things I still need to change in my life, but it did it in such a kind way. 🙂 The food was healthy –  even a good Israeli salad was made especially for me and my boyfriend. Todaraba! We hope to be back  in the future to do another private session with the shaman. It would be amazing if you could come visit us too.

Gilly Sturman, Israel

Just lots of peace & love … very safe atmosphere, tasty food, and beautiful nature. I will come back to have more. The healer gave me lots of loving care too. Thank you, my dear, you are so beautiful. xx

Solo, Marseille

I feel like I smashed through all my limitations by journeying with this medicine. It is really mind-blowing. Wow! At one point I seriously thought I would never come back, but I felt like I was in good, caring hands,  and now feel like a new man who’s ready to take on anything.

I could not imagine how extraordinary this would be. Afterwards I just feel really great.

David, Tel Aviv

This was a really profound experience and like they say, “Ayahuasca gives you always what you need”. She kicked my ass, but the journey was really cool. Beautiful to experience this at home with my girlfriend. The shaman were good guides. They really looked after us well. Compared to ceremonies in South America this gave us a lot more for the money. It was a bargain!

Daniel, Belgium

The visions were really cool. I met the most amazing being. I travelled like a god and met with angels, aliens and exotic alien animals. At one point I turned into a plant and later on I was a great bird flying over mountain peaks. Just so much in one night. Overall, it was an experience full of love and life lessons. I feel humbly grateful to have had such chance to try ayahuasca! It was very reassuring to have the shaman visit me at home for the session.

Richard, Holland

Whatever you do, if it gets difficult just focus on your breath. I got a bit overwhelmed by the experience but settled after one of the guides got me to focus on my breath. I think the meditation beforehand is really useful too if you can remember to use it to breathe at challenging times. A lot of vomiting for me but I needed to really clear out a lot of emotional garbage. Yeah! The yogic vomiting really prepares you for doing that too. It seems awful at first but once it’s out you feel soooo much better. I made my intention really clear before the ceremony and I feel I got out of it what I asked for. This is a powerful medicine and some people may be scared to give it a go, but I say just jump in and try to go with the flow. Know that you are in really good hands. I loved the drumming and the chanting. It helped me in my journeying. The venue was really nice too. I’ll certainly be working with Ayahuasca and other medicines again. 🙂

Maria Davies, Vancouver, B.C.

Mind-blowing. Life changing. I still don’t understand how you can experience all this in your mind. Did I really leave my body? Did my consciousness go somewhere else? Did I go to other realms? Or, is this all inside of me? It was a challenge at times but worth it.  I  want to come back soon.

Barnard, Austria

Shit man, I’ll never do this again. It scared the crap out of me literally. I’ve never barfed or shitted so much in my life before. The huape snuff was cool, and I may give Kambo a go sometime, but this was too much for my mind to take. Having aid that I’m still glad I can say I tried it. Maybe if I did a second time I’d handle it better. I dunno tho’. But the guys took good care of me.

K.D., Amsterdam