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AYAMORPHOSIS offers Private Sessions and Group Circles/Vision Quests for Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Creative Exploration.

We take the best care of you as you explore the deepest depths of yourself, whether you wish to heal, detox, fast, meditate and/or experience Shamanic journeying.

Many clients are interested in working with Shamanic Sacraments to help them heal physical, emotional and psychological ailments. Some wish to resolve personal issues, gain insights and wisdom, or find out who this “I” character really is.

 You are cared for by myself and/or my guide(s) while at your home or wherever you choose to heal, detox, fast or journey. We’ll fully support you whether you take Basic Treatments, Chakra/Meridian and/or Ear Treatments with Kambo (Sapo) or journey with Cacao.

I am certified as a Kambo Practitioner with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP). With this powerful Warrior Medicine I also offer Rapé and Sananga. Other clients prefer to work with the gentler Medicine Xocolatl (Cacao).

All of our Medicines are perfectly legal Shamanic Sacraments to work with. We can also arrange sessions with Ayahuasca in environments where it is legal.



 And from 2018, the African Sacrament Iboga/Ibogaine will be offered to clients who would like to join us on retreat in Cameroon.

Please be aware that our work with the Sacraments has nothing to do with recreational drug use. We ask you to approach these Sacraments with respect, a pure heart and a wilingness to grow emotionally, creatively and spiritually.

On this site you can read about a selection of tribal Medicines and Sacraments.

If you are over the age of 18 please contact us to book or find out more. All clients are carefully screened for their own physical, emotional and psychological safety. ~ Mary 💫❤️💫






My experience with this profound medicine changed my life. I could never imagine that one could experience such beauty, such immense spirituality and healing.  The guide looked after me extremely well, especially during what were the more difficult times of the experience. But I feel like I have been psychically cleansed of all the turmoil and heaviness in my life. It was extraordinary, and I will definitely try the medicine again. The love is still with me and I feel that my whole attitude towards life has changed. I have so much joy now. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you Ayahuasca! — J. Chambers, Birmingham, England

A life-changing experience

I was terrified about drinking this brown liquid. It was my first time with anything that changes the mind and brings on altered states. I’m glad I had a private session and had the two guides’ full support. I’m still somewhat speechless about what happened but feel that everyone should try it at least once in their lives. You just can’t imagine how you’ll feel, and where you’ll go. It’s like being teleported to another dimension. Sometimes it was scary, and I did vomit a fair bit, but I’m so glad I braved it.

I felt great afterwards. I still feel great. I felt really well cared for. I’ll be trying Ayahuasca again some time. Next time, I would like to try a Weekend Circle, and if all is good then I’ll go for a 6-Day Vision Quest. I can see how it would be really nice to do this in a group even thought it is not a party experience (or it wasn’t for me anyway!).

In the meantime I just want to snuggle up in all the love and warmth that the medicine gave me. It is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life and gave me lots of insights. I feel like my depression has gone and I’m no longer binge eating, which means I’ve already lost a few extra kilos. I feel thinner and happier. That can’t be bad! — Susan Moore, Harrogate, England

Thinner & Happier

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